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Magna Medical Equipment Corp distinguishes itself with its ironclad reputation for delivering high-quality refurbished hospital beds, including ICU beds from an impressive range of pre-owned products. Looking for affordable medical room products? Give us a call today.

What Defines

an ICU Bed?

While technically any bed in the Intensive Care Unit is classified as an ICU bed, these specific types of beds must fulfill a number of significant and crucial criteria.

First of all, ICU beds need an automated handset or control panel, so that the medical staff does not need to position the bed manually. This allows for rapid responses in case of emergencies, for instance, if a patient requires CPR.

ICU beds also need to offer cardiac chair and Trendelenberg positioning functions to ease breathing and circulation. Ideally, all ICU beds are also the correct size to accommodate pressure-relieving mattresses for patient comfort.

Lastly, for ease of treatment, the ideal ICU bed will come fitted with IV poles with hooks, as well as removable head and footboards.

Looking for affordable, high-quality ICU beds? Browse Magna Medical Equipment Corp’s extensive stock of refurbished medical beds today!

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ICU Beds Repairs

Staying on top of the repair and maintenance of your ICU beds can be a time and labor-intensive process with devastating consequences in case of delays. The solution? Partner with the experts over at Magna Medical Equipment Corp!

Our suite of services offers ongoing access to top-notch technicians who are trained to repair and maintain all major hospital bed models.

Give us a call today for all your casters, footboards, headboards and side rails - including control panels, connectors, and cables repair, and more.

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